DIMACS Rutgers Seminars on Theoretical Computer Science


Speeding Up Computations via Molecular Biology


Richard J. Lipton
Princeton University


Seminar Room 431, CoRE Building,
Busch Campus, Rutgers University.


10:00 AM
Wednesday, February 8, 1995

General Announcement:

We show how to extend the recent result of Adleman to use biological experiments to directly solve any NP problem. We, then, show how to use this method to speedup a large class of important problems.

Schedule for the Spring Semester

Jan. 25: Sridhar Rajagopalan
Feb. 1: Neal Young
Feb. 8: Richard Lipton
Feb. 15:
Feb. 22: Shiyu Zhou
Mar. 1:
Mar. 8:
Mar. 22:
Apr. 5:
Apr. 12:
Apr. 19:
Apr. 26:
May 3:
May 10:

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