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As a DIMACS member, you will be joining a group of about 275 people, almost all from the participating organizations, who are permanent members. We'll ask you to send a line or two describing your scientific interests and we'll put that on the web along with those of our other members. As a DIMACS member, you can play as much of a role as you like in helping us plan or develop future activities that may be of interest to you or that you think are important. We waive registration fees at DIMACS workshops for members. We give you priority in organizing workshops, you get to invite visitors if you like (through the visitor committee or special focus chairs, which have approval) or to organize or invite speakers for seminars, you become eligible for service on DIMACS committees (some might not call this a privilege, but it does expose you to the various activities of the center, e.g., the choice of postdocs or the launching of new special focus topics), you can ask us to put up your visitors in DIMACS offices, you can nominate visiting students for DIMACS fellowships for travel or for summer salary. DIMACS members are encouraged to join others from the center in suggesting and submitting group grant proposals, with the support of center management and staff. We also offer you the DIMACS Technical Report series for rapid dissemination of your preprints. Mostly, being a DIMACS member brings you closer to the activities of the center.


DIMACS is pleased to make available funds for members or postdocs to invite visitors.

If there is a visitor you would like to invite, here are the guidelines for the program and the procedures for making applications for funds.


a). Every visitor should have a host who is a DIMACS member or postdoc.

b). DIMACS will support visitors' local expenses and, in many cases, also transportation costs to one of the center institutions. Our usual formula is $2500 per month for local expenses, prorated for shorter stays, and the transportation allocation is often economy airfare. (In a few cases of longer-term visits, we can discuss other arrangements.)

c). We encourage both short-term (one week plus) and long-term (a few months to a semester) visits.

d). We especially like to support junior researchers, including postdocs and graduate students, but senior visitors are certainly welcomed.

e). We ask the visitor to write a brief report on the scientific work carried out during the visit and encourage publication of any resulting work as a preprint in our technical report series.

f). We encourage cost sharing by the host or the visitor, but do not require it.


a). If a visitor seems to fall into one of the "special focus" categories (see http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/archive/Research/index.html#specialyears), then make application to the special focus organizers (whose names can be found in the special focus website). Send a brief email message with the name of the visitor, potential dates of the visit, scientific topics likely to be worked on, and funds required.

b). If a visitor doesn't fall into one of these categories, make application to our visitor committee by contacting Steve Fortune (sjf@lucent.com). In this case, we prefer a visit to span more than one DIMACS institution or at least more than one DIMACS department and certainly more than just interaction with the host. Include the same information as in a), but add something about potential involvement in DIMACS beyond interaction with the host.

c). If a visitor just wants to come for a workshop and not stay longer, contact the workshop organizer. (See names on our website at http://www.dimacs.rutgers.edu.) Visitors who want to come for a workshop and then stay for a few extra days to a week can be supported under either categories a) or b).

Arranging for a Workshop:

DIMACS welcomes suggestions for workshop and special focus topics. Suggestions can be very informal. Send your suggestions to the director (director@dimacs.rutgers.edu) or to the chair of the Projects Committee (see http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/About/committees.html#proj).

Office Space:

As a DIMACS member, you are welcome to use office space at the DIMACS headquarters at Rutgers when you visit the center, space permitting. It is best to arrange this at least a day before your visit, by contacting the DIMACS visitor coordinator at visitor-coordinator@dimacs.rutgers.edu. Longer-term office space at DIMACS can be arranged if you expect to be at Rutgers on a regular basis, again space permitting.

Free Registration at Workshops:

DIMACS members pay no registration fee at regular workshops.

Computer Accounts:

Accounts on the DIMACS computer network are available for DIMACS members. Please contact the DIMACS unit computing manager at system-admin@dimacs.rutgers.edu if you would like to arrange for an account.

Seminar Speakers/Seminar Series:

If you would like to arrange for a seminar speaker at one of the ongoing DIMACS seminars, please contact the seminar organizer or, in case of doubt, contact the director at director@dimacs.rutgers.edu. Funds are also available to support new seminar series. Please contact the director if you are interested in starting such a series.

Technical Reports:

We strongly encourage you to submit your technical reports to the DIMACS series and encourage your visitors or students to do the same. This gives the reports widespread visibility and does not preclude publication in other technical report series or in journals or conference proceedings. For information on how to submit a technical report, to obtain a listing of technical reports, or to find out how to obtain a technical report, see http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/TechnicalReports/

Membership on DIMACS Committees

We encourage DIMACS members to get involved in the center by volunteering to serve on a DIMACS committee. Committees of the Center include the Organizing Committees for the DIMACS special focus programs. Other committees of interest are the Projects Committee (discusses future workshops, special foci, and multi-institutional research projects), Postdoc Committee (selects center postdoctoral fellows), Graduate Student Selection Committee (selects graduate students for support), Education Committee (oversees K-12 and undergraduate education programs) and Visitor Committee (awards funds for visitors to the center). For a list of Committees and their members, see http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/About/committees.html. To inquire about serving on a committee, contact the director (director@dimacs.rutgers.edu) or any member of the DIMACS Executive Committee (members listed at above website).


Free parking permits at Rutgers are available for a day or a few days. Please pick one up at the DIMACS offices in the CoRE Building on the Busch campus as soon as you arrive and make sure to put the permit right on your car to avoid getting ticketed. Or, let us know in advance and we can mail you a parking permit. Contact the visitor coordinator at visitor-coordinator@dimacs.rutgers.edu if you know when you'll be on campus. Members of DIMACS committees who come to Rutgers frequently for meetings should contact the visitor coordinator to make arrangements for longer-term parking permits.

Grant Proposals through DIMACS

Members of DIMACS sometimes see an advantage to submitting a grant proposal through the center. We especially encourage proposals that link several DIMACS members, either from the same unit or across units of the center. The center will make available its experienced staff to support your preparation of a proposal and to manage your grant, and the center's facilities are available for carrying out grant-supported projects. Matching funds are sometimes also available from DIMACS. If you have an idea for a proposal, please contact the director (director@dimacs.rutgers.edu).

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