DIMACS Visitor Programs:

1. Program Overview:

DIMACS invites applications for research visits. Visitors participate in the Center's programs in a variety of ways including participation in Special Focus programs, research collaboration visits with DIMACS permanent members, and participation in other programs such as education or outreach programs. Applicants with interests in all DIMACS areas.

2. Information for Applying:

2.1 Special Focus Visitors:

Applicants who are interested in visiting as part of a special focus program should: See Special Foci and Projects for information about these initiatives.

2.2 General Research Visitors

Applicants with interests in all areas of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science are welcomed. These are typically collaborations on research or longer term visits. Applicants who are interested in visiting special focus program should:

2.3 Sabbatical and Self-Supported Visitors

Applicants with their own support may apply directly to the center with the application below. The Director will handle these applications directly. Due to limited space, computing and other resources, these applications do require approval.

2.4 Other Visitors:

Applicants interested in other center programs (education, outreach, research projects, or other interests) are encouraged to contact the Director to discuss their plans. Some positions are set aside for faculty from non-research institutions who wish to spend sabbatical time at DIMACS. DIMACS is also interested in visitors under GOALI (Grant Opportunities for Academic Liasion with Industry), and other programs that further its mission.

3. Support for Visitors:

Visitor positions, for both academic and industrial researchers, may be either long-term (several months to a year) or short-term (a few days or weeks). The center has limited funds to support visitors with subsistence and travel funds. Visitor positions are intended for people with full or partial salary support from outside sources, since DIMACS support for these positions is usually limited.

4. Procedures:

The host and visitor should use the Visitor Applicant Procedures in applying.

Visitor approvals are handled by the Special Focus committees for those programs (2.1); by the visitors committee for those seeking support (2.2), and by the Director with advice as needed for others (2.3 and 2.4). Decisions usually take about 2 to 4 weeks, occasionally longer.

5. Contacts at DIMACS:

You can use several methods to contact the DIMACS center.

6. Information for Visitors to DIMACS

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