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Computer Science Living-Learning Community for Women


Rebecca Wright, Faculty advisor

Rebecca Wright is the founder and faculty advisor for the CS LLC. She is also a professor in the Computer Science Department and director of the DIMACS Center. She is a faculty resource for students in the CS LLC and has taught the “Great Ideas and Applications of Computer Science” seminar for the CS LLC students in the spring semesters of 2017 and 2018. Rebecca’s research spans the area of information security, including cryptography, privacy, foundations of computer security, and fault-tolerant distributed computing. She is a member of the board of the Computer Research Association’s Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W) and a strong advocate for promoting diversity in computer science.

Cynthia Sanchez Gomez, CS LLC director

Cynthia Sanchez Gomez is the director of the CS LLC and director of the Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps. Cynthia oversees day-to-day operation of the CS LLC, including the coordination of community building programs, student-faculty engagement events, study sessions, and opportunities for professional development. Cynthia is a double alumna of Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the Newark College of Arts and Sciences and a master’s degree in College Student Affairs from the Graduate School of Education. Prior to joining the staff at Douglass Residential College, Cynthia’s work focused on developing student life initiatives and trainings while advising multiple student organizations. Cynthia utilizes her extensive knowledge in student development theory as the foundation for her work in higher education.

Student Mentors:

Xinqing (Cindy) Tao, Graduate mentor

Xinqing (Cindy) Tao is the graduate student mentor for the CS LLC. She is a master’s degree candidate with a double major in Computer Science and Statistics. As the graduate mentor, Cindy assists with the operation of the CS LLC by helping students with their coursework and mentoring them on career development. She also assists in planning activities, such as study sessions for CS LLC students. She is an immediate resource for students in the LLC and is often available during her office hours in the residence hall. Before coming to Rutgers, Cindy worked as a software engineer. Currently, her studies focus on computer software development and data analysis.

Ananya Prakash, Peer academic leader

Ananya Prakash is the undergraduate peer academic leader for the CS LLC. She is a member of the class of 2019 with a major in Information Technology and Informatics and a minor in Business Administration. As peer academic leader (PAL), she provides mentoring and academic support in the residence halls and is an immediate resource for LLC members. Ananya is an avid member of the Harry Potter Alliance, an on-campus community service organization, and an executive board member for the Meditation Club. She is also a part of the Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps, an organization focused on creating interactive and fun activities for middle school girls interested in computing. As PAL for the LLC, she has grown both academically and professionally and has “made many friends and connections that [she] will cherish for life.”

Class of 2020 CS LLC:

Akanksha S. (Chesterfield, NJ), Cheyenne A. (East Windsor, NJ), Ciera F. (Nutley, NJ), Drashti M. (Mumbai, India), Gianna S. (Roselle Park, NJ), Haihong Z. (Shanghai, China), Laurah O. (Newark, NJ), Maura T. (Hillsdale, NJ), Megan K. (Cranbury, NJ), Prithika A. (Jefferson Township, NJ), Somdatta G. (Jersey City, NJ), Stephanie P. (Clark, NJ), Tiani E. (Trenton, NJ), Victoria H. (Winslow, NJ), Xiao Y. (Shanghai, China), Xingcheng R. (Zhejiang, China), Yating L. (Guangzhou, China)

Class of 2021 CS LLC:

Danni X. (Zhejiang, China), Diane T. (Voorhees, NJ), Elaine Z. (Saddle River, NJ), Elizabeth T. (Paterson, NJ), Elora, B. (Hackettstown, NJ), Gianna, C. (Jackson, NJ), Grace, M. (Morris Plains, NJ), Ji Yun H. (Millburn, NJ), Julianne, B. (Jersey City, NJ), Masami, T. (Jersey City, NJ), Melisa, G. (Glen Head, NY), Muskan, V. (Kearny, NJ), Nicole, C. (Elizabeth, NJ), Nithi, K. (Parsippany, NJ), Sydney, C. (Edison, NJ), Tiana, Y. (Union, NJ), Tiffany, C. (Passaic, NJ), Viruthihaa, B. (Iselin, NJ), Xiwen, S. (Edison, NJ), Yisel, B. (North Bergen, NJ), Yufan, L. (Changsha, China)