VCTAL Project Member Selected CADRE Fellow

      Weinberg [December, 2011] VCTAL project evaluator Andrea Weinberg (pictured) was one of 10 early-career researchers selected to be a 2011-2012 CADRE (Community Advancing Discovery Research in Education) Fellow. Weinberg is completing her Ph.D. in the School of Education at Colorado State University where she contributes to projects on all phases of the development and implementation of evaluation and research studies to examine the effectiveness of STEM programs and initiatives. The DIMACS VCTAL project is developing instructional modules and mini-modules for use in high school classrooms to help cultivate a facility with computational thinking in students across different grade levels and subject areas. The CADRE Fellowship program provides a professional development for early career researchers who are currently working on a NSF Discovery Research (DR) K-12 project like VCTAL. Fellows gain exposure to research and development related to STEM education, gain insights into NSF and what it takes to be successful and effective in this work, and network with DR K-12 PIs and Fellows from across the country. As a CADRE Fellow, Weinberg will continue to examine the effectiveness of VCTAL and other STEM initiatives. Evaluation of short-term educational interventions like modules is challenging, particularly when the interventions occur across multiple sites, as in VCTAL. Weinberg will continue to explore evaluation designs, approaches, and alternative student outcomes for use in evaluation studies of such interventions.

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