Multi-disciplinary Modules for High School Classes

[May, 2013] Integrating multi-disciplinary research with education is a recurring theme at DIMACS and one that is exemplified by three DIMACS education projects highlighted in an article in the May 2013 issue of International Innovation magazine.

The three NSF-funded projects – The Value of Computational Thinking across Grade Levels (VCTAL), The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Biology (IMB), and Mathematical and Computational Methods for Planning a Sustainable Future (PS-Future) – are developing weeklong “modules” emphasizing (respectively) applications in computational thinking, bio-mathematics, and sustainability. The modules are self-contained and activity-driven, allowing teachers to flexibly adapt them to a wide variety of classroom settings. They challenge students to think creatively by building models and applying concepts from the mathematical and computational sciences to problems drawn from physical, biological, environmental, and social sciences.

Together, these projects are developing 20 modules in bio-math, 12 in computational thinking, and 2 in sustainability topics, as well as associated mini-modules and online texts.

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