To: The DIMACS Community
From: Fred Roberts
Date: August 9, 2011
Subject: Changes in Leadership of DIMACS

I will be stepping down as Director of DIMACS on September 1. I am delighted that Rebecca Wright has agreed to take on this job. We hired her in 2007 with the goal of her becoming Director at the appropriate time, which is now. I have great confidence in Rebecca's ability and preparation to do this job and I hope you will all join me in wishing her well. We all owe her a vote of thanks for her willingness to do this.

I am not going to disappear. I will remain as a Professor at Rutgers, will continue to direct the Department of Homeland Security "center of excellence" called CCICADA (Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis) that we established through DIMACS a number of years ago, and continue to run a variety of DIMACS programs while serving as "Senior Advisor" to the center. I am also looking forward to having a little more time for continuing my research and writing projects. I am excited about the many projects I will be involved in and look forward to continuing to work with the DIMACS community on them.

In almost 16 years as Director of DIMACS, I have seen many dramatic changes in the center. A great many people have played enormously important roles in making the center the place it is and I owe so many of you a great debt of gratitude. Without you, there would be no DIMACS.

I know that Rebecca and the center will continue to need the help of the many people who are involved in DIMACS programs or support the center with ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. I trust you will all join me in committing to support Rebecca in the years ahead and in wishing her great success.

Fred Roberts