TO: Joseph G. Rosenstein, Project Director
Leadership Program in Discrete Mathematics
FROM: 2000 Leadership Program Applicant and Principal
SUBJECT: In Support of Participant's Application

I understand that as a participant in the Leadership Program in Discrete Mathematics, I am expected to use institute materials and activities in my classroom(s), provide workshops on these materials and activities for my colleagues, and work to change my school's and district's curriculum to include these materials and activities. I also anticipate attending the four Saturday follow-up sessions during the subsequent school year and a one-week institute the following summer, and I expect to develop and present a workshop at one of the follow-up sessions in preparation for presenting similar workshops to my colleagues.

SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT: __________________________________________________

          NAME (print): __________________________________________________
As principal of this teacher's school, I will encourage and facilitate her/his fulfilling all of the expectations above. Moreover, as required by the National Science Foundation which is providing the funds for this program, I am authorized to commit the school or district to providing this teacher with $250, during the 2000-2001 school year; in order to purchase materials or to engage in professional development activities related to her/his participation in the program.

SIGNATURE OF PRINCIPAL: __________________________________________________

          NAME (print): __________________________________________________

                  DATE: __________________________________________________

Please complete the following if there is more than one applicant from your school or district:

Names of other applicants 
from the school or district: _____________________________________________

Moreover, the school or district will provide the participants with regular opportunities during school hours to meet in order to share and reflect on their experiences in introducing discrete mathematics in their classrooms, to plan professional development activities for their colleagues in discrete mathematics, and to develop materials and activities for inclusion in the district's curriculum.

SIGNATURE OF PRINCIPAL: __________________________________________________

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