Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics


Busch Campus, Rutgers University
Piscataway University


July 10 - August 4, 1995

Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics:

This is a 4-week residential program for a diverse group of 40 mathematically talented students entering grades 11-12 in New Jersey high schools. There are four additional meetings during the year. The program is designed to excite and challenge the students, with problems in areas like number theory, algorithms, combinatorics and fractals, and motivate them to continue their study of mathematics. During the four weeks, students have minicourses on graph theory, algorithms, combinatorics, fractals, and number theory, and many other activities.

Last year, we introduced small-group research mini-projects, each led by a DIMACS member or visitor. Each project leader contributed a problem (or set of problems), on topics such as knots, scheduling, or statistical paradoxes. We met with 5-6 students and a TA several times during July. The project leaders for 1994 were Eric Allender (Rutgers CS), Dannie Durand (Bellcore), Debbie Franzblau (DIMACS), Joseph Gerver (Rutgers, Camden), Peter Henderson (visitor), Boris Mirkin (visitor), and Fred Rispoli (visitor). Project leaders are needed for Summer 1995. (Time commitment--approximately 2-4 hours/week for 2-3 weeks.)

At each Saturday followup meeting there is a featured speaker. This year, the speakers are Steve Penrice (postdoc), Sandy Irani (Columbia U. visitor), Bernard Chazelle (Princeton CS), and Dana Randall (postdoc).

Directors: Michael O'Nan, Joseph Rosenstein, Robert Davis Coordinator: Michelle Bartley-Taylor, Acting Coordinator (- June, 1995): Lisa Estler,

If you would like additional information, or if you have questons about the program, please call our office at 908/445-4065 (FAX 908/445-3477) or e-mail

Document last modified on April 4, 1995