DIMACS Seminar on Math and CS in Biology


Phylogeny construction in the presence of polymorphic characters


Shibu Yooseph
Department of Computer Science
University of Pennsylvania


CoRE Building, Seminar Room 431
Busch Campus, Rutgers University


11:00 AM
Tuesday, April 30, 1996


Most phylogenetics literature and construction methods based upon characters presume monomorphism (one state per character per species), and yet polymorphism (multiple states per character per species) is well documented in both Biology and Historical Linguistics. In this talk, we will consider the problem of inferring evolutionary trees for polymorphic characters. We will discuss the computational complexities of several criteria used for constructing trees and also present efficient algorithms for some of them.

(Joint work with M. Bonet, C. Phillips and T. Warnow)

Document last modified on March 28, 1996