DIMACS Special Year on Massive Data Sets Seminar


Automatic Detection of Seismic Signals at Three-Component Stations and Arrays


Oleg. K. Kedrov
Joint Institute of Earth Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences


DIMACS Seminar Room, 431, 4th Floor, CoRE Building, Rutgers University
Host: Ilya Muchnik, DIMACS


2:00 p.m
April 2, 1997


Experience of the Third Technical Test of the Group of Scientific Experts (GSETT-3) of the Conference of Disarmament demonstrated a large number of automatic detections per day at many primary (Alpha) stations of the Global network due to false alarms.

The algorithm is presented for detection of weak regional and teleseismic body waves by 3-C stations records with the efforts devoted to solve the problem of selection of false detections at the automatic on-line analysis.

The method is proposed for recognition of real signal and false detections, filtered by 8 one-octave filters using frequency-time and polarization properties of the signals.

Analysis of detections in frequency-time (f-t) domain using polarization properties of the signals and rectilinearity level of the oscillations allows to reject about 95% of the false detections. Effectiveness of the algorithm was verified with some samples of signals and noise at three Russian Alpha stations included in the GSETT-3: Norilsk (NRI), Zalesovo (ZAL) and Peledy (PDY).

Document last modified on March, 28, 1997