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July 1998

Date Location Event
6/8 - 8/3 Rutgers University Research Experiences for Undergraduates
6/25-7/8 Budapest, Hungary. Workshop: Probabilistic Combinatorics
Location: Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.
6/29-7/14 New York, NY
Staten Island, NY
Leadership Institute, K-8 Teachers, Commuter Institute
7/2 Rutgers University REU Seminar Series
Speaker: Fred S. Roberts, Director of DIMACS
Topic: From Genes to Archaeological Digs and from Traffic Lights to Childhood Development: The Many Applications of Interval Graphs
Core Building, Room, Busch Campus, 4:30p.m.
7/2 Rutgers University Special Year on Networks Seminar
Speaker: S. Muthukrishnan, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
Topic: Scheduling On-demand Broadcasts for Heterogeneous Workloads: New Metrics, Algorithms, Open Problems
CoRE Building, Room 431 (Seminar Room), Busch Campus, 2:00pm
7/6-7/17 Rutgers University Reconnect Conference for Teachers of Undergraduates
7/13-7/24 Budapest, Hungary Workshop and Summer School on Random Walks
Location: Bolyai College, Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary
7/13-7/24 Rutgers University Leadership Institute, K-8 Teachers, Residential Institute
7/16 Rutgers University DIMACS Seminar
Speaker: Martin Charles Golumbic, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Topic: Uniquely Restricted Matching
RUTCOR Building, Room 139, Busch Campus, 3:30pm
7/20-7/21 Rutgers University Workshop: 9th Annual Conference on Combinatorial Pattern Matching
7/20-7/24 Princeton University Workshop: The Fourth International Seminar on Average-Case Analysis of Algorithms
7/20-8/7 Rutgers University DIMACS Research and Education Institute 1998 (DREI) Topics in Graph Theory
7/23 Rutgers University REU Seminar Series
Speaker: Joel Spencer, New York University
Title: Liar!
CoRE Building, 1st floor auditorium, Busch Campus, 4:30pm
7/27-7/31 Rutgers University Leadership Institute, K-8 Teachers, Residential Institute-Second Summer Program

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