DIMACS Mixer Series - September 19, 2000

DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Preliminary Program:

12:00-12:45	Lunch

12:45-1:25      Steve Fortune, DIMACS Member, Bell Labs
                "Polynomial Root Finding Using Iterated Eigenvalue Computation"
1:25-1:30       Questions

1:30-1:45       Ashwin Nayak, DIMACS-AT&T Labs Postdoc
                The constant round quantum communication
                complexity of Set Disjointness

1:45-1:50       Questions

1:50-2:05       Raissa d'Souza, Bell Labs-DIMAC Postdoc
                "Modeling physics with discrete reversible 
                lattice dynamics"

2:05-2:10       Questions

2:10-2:25       Cliff Smyth, Rutgers Graduate Student
                "Some Correlation Inequalities and Applications"

2:25-2:30       Questions

2:30-2:50       Coffee Break

2:50-3:30       David Shallcross, DIMACS Member, Telcordia Technologies
                "Inferring network topology from packet delay data,
                and related problems"

3:30-3:35       Questions

3:35-3:50       Mahesh Viswanathan, DIMACS-Telcordia Postdoc
                "Checking Properties for Massive Data Sets"

3:50-3:55       Questions

3:55-4:35       Martin Strauss, DIMACS Member, AT&T Labs
                "Secure Multiparty Computation of Approximations"

4:35-4:40       Questions

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