DIMACS Mixer Series - October 12, 2000

AT&T Labs, Florham Park, NJ

Preliminary Program:

12:30-1:15   Lunch

1:15-1:55    Eric van den Berg, DIMACS member, Telcordia Technologies
	     "Modeling heavy tailed time series"

1:55-2:00    Questions

2:00-2:15:   Venkatesh Srinivasan, DIMACS-Institute for Advanced Study Postdoc
	     "The static membership problem in the bitprobe model"

2:15-2:20    Questions 

2:20-2:35    Nicolas Schabanel, DIMACS-AT&T Labs Postdoc
	     "Wireless data delivery"

2:35-2:40    Questions

2:40-2:55    Eldar Fischer, NEC Research Institute-DIMACS Postdoc
	     "Testing graphs for colorability properties"

2:55-3:00    Questions

3:00-3:20    Coffee break

3:20-3:35    Xiaodong Sun, Graduate Student, Rutgers
             Explicit Interpolation Sets Using Perfect Hash Families
3:35-3:40    Questions 

3:40-3:55    Bruce Moision, Bell Labs Postdoc
	     Symbolic dynamics and constrained codes

3:55-4:00    Questions

4:00-4:40    Felix Lazebnik, University of Delaware
             On Properties of  Graphs Defined by Systems of Equations

4:40-4:45    Questions

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