DIMACS Research & Education Institute

June 24 - July 12, 1996


How can a robot plan a route that avoids obstacles?
Where should hospitals be located for best community service?
How does the shape of an airplane's wings affect its flight?

Computational Geometry, a field combining mathematics and computer science, was the focus of the 1996 Institute. The program provided new content and materials, support of the NCTM Standards, suitable for courses at many levels, including geometry, algebra, discrete mathematics and computer science.

Teams of teachers and researchers were encouraged to collaborate on projects such as developing classroom materials, using the Internet to continue projects after the summer program.

Director of Research Program &
Workshop III Organizer: Bernard Chazelle
Workshop I Organizer: Ayellet Tal
Workshop II Organizer: Tim Baker
Computer Systems Manager: Matt Norcross

Director of Computer Education Program: David Dobkin
Computer Education Instructor: Ken Steiglitz
Computer Education Associate: Paul Burchard
Teaching Assistant: Mark Hadfield
Teaching Assistant: Jeff Henderson
Teaching Assistant: Dan Peltier
Teaching Assistant: Hal Roberts

Director of Geometry Education Program: Robert L. (Scot) Drysdale III
Geometry Education Instructor: Iliana Bjorling-Sachs
Chair of Lead Teachers: Chuck Biehl
Lead Teacher: Judy Brown
Lead Teacher: Bro. Pat Carney
Lead Teacher: Mary Edwards
Substitute Lead Teacher: Carol Ann Giesing

DIMACS Director: Fred Roberts
DIMACS Steering Steering Committee Chair: Diane Souvaine
DIMACS DREI Administrator: Elaine Foley
DIMACS Associate Director for Education: Joe Rosenstein
DIMACS Associate Director for Research: Steve Mahaney