Visitor Orientation to DIMACS-Rutgers

Policies and Services

  1. Center Office Hours and Staff
  2. Mail
  3. Telephones
  4. Office space
  5. Computing
  6. Photocopying
  7. Library
  8. Parking
  9. Reimbursements and subsistence
  10. On-site amenities
  11. Other information

Center Office Hours and Staff

The Centers' main administrative office is located in room 406. The offices are generally open from 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday. There are several staff members who specialize in managing various pieces of the DIMACS functions. Please feel free to ask any staff member for help; if they cannot help you they will direct you to someone who can.
Visitor Coordinator:
Visas, invitation letters, keys, office space, housing information, parking permits and letters for use of libraries.
Workshop Coordinator:
Workshop schedules and registration.
Financial Assistant:
Reimbursements, subsistence allowance, copy cards for use at Rutgers libraries.
Unit Computing Manager:
Opening a computer account, user support, hardware problems.
Publicity Coordinator:
Addition to or removal from DIMACS mailing lists.
Center Administrator:
Complaints, compliments, suggestions or if you don't know who else to go to.
Associate Director for Business Affairs:
Oversees all financial matters of the center.
Business Assistant:
Reviews grants, accounts, and back up preparer for reimbursements and subsistence.


The mail room is located in room 432. Mail arrives between 11:00 and 1:00 and is distributed by the office staff. Long term visitors and postdocs will be given a mailbox in the mail room. The staff will place short term visitors' mail on the visitor's desk. Mail should be addressed to you at DIMACS as:

To send mail out: Include your name and return address on each envelope. Place outgoing mail in the tray by the postage meter. Personal mail may also be placed here to be sent to the post office but you must put the correct postage stamps on it.

Federal Express and UPS services are available; ask for assistance in the main office, room 406.


Every office has a telephone. We ask that visitors use their calling cards for personal long distance calls.

To make a call to a phone on the Rutgers New Brunswick campuses:
if the numer is 445-xxxx, dial 5-xxxx
if the number is 932-xxx, dial 2-xxxx

To make a call to an off-campus phone:
dial "9" to get an outside line
dial "1" if it is long distance call
dial the three digit area code and the seven digit phone number

Office Space

DIMACS provides office space to all short and long term visitors except those who are visiting only to attend workshops, seminars or conferences. Upon your arrival you will be issued an office key. Visitors offices are two person offices with an x-terminal on each desk.


The center provides an x-terminal on every visitor desk. You may have your account activated ahead of time by contacting the Visitor Coordinator; otherwise, an account will be opened for you when you arrive. As a courtesy, your DIMACS account will remain open for two months after your visit at which time the account will be automatically closed unless you have made special arrangements with the Systems Administrator.

There are two PC labs with a total of 14 computers (located in rooms 448 and 450) which are accessible during business hours and by special arrangement after hours. There is also a small PC lab in room 440 with three computers.

There is a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 4C color scanner located in Computer Lab #2 (room 450). This is accessible during business hours and by special arrangement after hours.

Printed output can be picked up in room 432. There are two printers there with the rather unimaginative names of "out" and "animal". Output can be directed to either of these printers.

There is a Hewlett Packard 5M color printer located in room 440, direct output to "kermit". This printer is accessible during business hours and by special arrangement after hours.


Visitors to DIMACS are allowed reasonable photocopying privileges. There is a small photocopier located in room 432 which is accessible without needing an access code or copy card. There is also a heavy volume machine available for large jobs, this machine requires a user code, see a staff member if you need to utilize this machine.

A copy card can be obtained (at no cost) from the Financial Assistant for use in photocopiers outside of the DIMACS Center (i.e. at the libraries).


The Visitor Coordinator can provide a letter requesting library privileges for visitors to use any library within the University's library system. The Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library is located on the first floor of Hill Center near the elevators.


A parking permit can be obtained from the Visitor Coordinator upon your arrival.

Reimbursements and Subsistence

See the Financial Assistant for subsistance payments and detailed instructions on how to submit reimbursement requests. But briefly, there are two absolute rules which you must follow to receive reimbursement:

1. You must use a U.S. carrier for all air travel, regardless of cost.

2. All receipts must be original receipts, photocopies are unacceptable.

If you do not follow these rules we can not reimbure you. Both NSF and Rutgers require the use of U.S. airlines. The University requires original receipts. No exceptions can be made.

On-site Amenities

There is a small kitchen on the fourth floor with a refrigerator, microwave, and sink. You are welcome to use this facility but we ask that you clean up after yourself.

Tea and coffee are available on weekdays.

There is a snack and a soda vending machine on the first floor of the CoRE Building. The Busch Student Center has several fast food options and is just a short walk away. Please visit "" for a list of the food options and the hours of operation.

(there is a page in the visitor packet which gives details on everything you'll find at the student center).

Other Information

The Busch Student Center provides many services such as a convenience store, Post Office, ATM banking machine, copy/fax/print services, food options and many more. Please visit for more information.

The Sonny Werblin Recreation Center offers a gym, pool, fitness center.

Each office has a copy of the DIMACS visitor orientation guide which includes other information about entertainment, tourist attractions, recreation sites, etc. that we hope will make your visit as pleasant as possible. Please feel free to give the Center Administrator any suggestions for other material to include in this guide.

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