Simulations Of Integrated Communications Systems 1995-98

Supported by funding from NSF/ANI, Special Projects in Networking Research

Excerpt from the proposal abstract:

The project goals are to (1) develop a network description methodology, similar in spirit to VHDL (very high speed integrated circuit hardware design language), suitable for the description of telecommunication networks (2) provide validated high-performance simulation software prototypes based on this methodology, and (3) demonstrate the use of the tools for network modeling and analysis problems. The project is producing parallel simulation software tools.

Original PI team:

Sandeep Bhatt, Bellcore; Richard Fujimoto, Georgia Tech; Albert Greenberg, AT&T Labs - Research; Jim Kurose, University of Massachusetts; David Nicol, College of William and Mary; Andy T. Ogielski, Bellcore; Diane Souvaine, Rutgers; Don Towsley, University of Massachusetts; Paul Wright, AT&T Labs - Research.

The centerpiece of the project has been the development of and experimentation with a network-centric simulation meta-language called TeD (Telecommunications Description Language). TeD provides language-independent constructs that may be embedded in a general computer language; in practice we are using C++. The TeD compiler is a source-to-source translator that transforms TeD code into pure C++ that is compiled and executed by the GTW (Georgia Time Warp) parallel simulation engine. An initial version of TeD was developed very early in the project, thus allowing us to quickly begin the important cycle of model building and tool refinement.

Specific areas of network engineering of interest to us have included various aspects of multicast protocols, ATM networks, PNNI routing, and radio resource management in mobile wireless networks.

Contact: Andy T. Ogielski, DIMACS and WINLAB, Rutgers University

Project web sites

The official Ted home page contains information about TeD and instructions how to obtain and install the core software.

Wireless Information Network Lab (WINLAB), Rutgers University (Andy Ogielski).

Computer Networks Research Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts (Jim Kurose and Don Towsley).

Parallel and Distributed Simulations Group (PADS), College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology (Richard Fujimoto and Kalyan Perumalla).

David Nicol's Parallel Simulations Research Group, Dartmouth College.

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