Series Overview

The DIMACS Modules Series in Discrete Mathematics (dm) and Theoretical Computer Science (tcs) is part of an initiative in undergraduate and high school education.

The modules in the series will be self-contained text and problem material that can be used for one or more class meetings in an undergraduate or high school course. The idea is to make recent advances in dm/tcs known to students speedily. The modules will state their topics carefully and pinpoint particular theorems and lots of examples (perhaps of special cases) for which proofs/algorithms can be given and exercises written that students can solve. There will also be pointers to more extensive results and open questions. The modules will be somewhat like the UMAP Modules published over the last 25 years by COMAP, the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications Project, and widely used, but DIMACS modules will be related to the special research foci and the many outreach activities at the center. DIMACS modules will take advantage of advances in technology. They will all be available electronically, and some may be interactive. We are planning to bundle modules into DIMACS volumes, to be published in the DIMACS book series. This series is published by the American Mathematical Society. AMS is amenable to co-publishing agreements with other publishers such as NCTM and MAA in order to maximize exposure of a volume and it is likely that the volumes of DIMACS modules will be co-published. Modules will be available electronically without charge, and in hard copy at cost.

Modules will be aimed at both upper and lower level undergraduate and high school courses. There are two year college faculty on the editorial board of the series to help to develop modules aimed at two year college courses.

Editorial Board

The modules editorial board has a chief editor, seven associate editors, and other board members. Here is a list of board members:

Chief Editor: Joseph Malkevitch, York College (CUNY)

Associate Editors:
Susanna Epp, DePaul University
Melvin Janowitz, DIMACS, Rutgers University
Rochelle Leibowitz, Wheaton College
Stephen Maurer, Swarthmore
Catherine McGeoch, Amherst College
Joseph Rosenstein, Rutgers University
William Steiger, Rutgers University
Board Members:
Adam Buchsbaum (AT&T Labs),
Martin Farach (Rutgers),
Ronald Graham (UC San Diego),
Philip Hanlon (Michigan),
Robert Hochberg (East Carolina University),
Glenn Hurlbert (Arizona State),
Nancy Maulding (Raritan Valley Community College),
Joseph O'Rourke (Smith),
Warren Page (New York City Technical College, CUNY),
Janet Ray (Seattle Central Community College),
Fred S. Roberts (Rutgers)
Sharon Cutler Ross (DeKalb College),
Robert Sedgewick (Princeton),
Philip Straffin (Beloit),
Barry Tesman (Dickinson),
Douglas West (Illinois),
Peter Winkler (Bell Labs).

Contact Information

For further information about the modules series, please send email to:

Joseph Malkevitch: joeyc@cunyvm.cuny.edu

or to any of the associate editors at the following email addresses:

Susanna Epp: sepp@condor.depaul.edu
Melvin Janowitz melj@dimacs.rutgers.edu
Rochelle Leibowitz: rochelle_leibowitz@wheatonma.edu
Stephen Maurer: smaurer1@swarthmore.edu
Catherine McGeoch: ccm@cs.amherst.edu
Joseph Rosenstein: joer@dimacs.rutgers.edu
William Steiger: steiger@cs.rutgers.edu
or to DIMACS at: center@dimacs.rutgers.edu

How to Submit a Module

Send your material to the
Editor or to any Associate Editor. We strongly urge you to start with a brief description of your plans for a module before you write it. That way you can get some feedback from the editorial board in advance.
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Document last modified on May 7, 2004.