DIMACS 1992-93 Special Year on Combinatorial Optimization: Overview

As part of its program, DIMACS sponsors a variety of activities each year which revolve around a special theme. The special theme for the academic year 1992/93 is combinatorial optimization. This includes a large range of subjects, both theoretical and practical, but some areas of interesting current activity are:

The theme of the special year is combinatorial optimization, broadly interpreted, and will include research activity, both theoretical and practical, on such topics as the travelling salesman problem (particularly fast heuristics for its solution in practice, but also theoretical approaches); linear programming; integer programming and the variety of techniques for this (approximation methods, heuristic methods, random methods, as well as the deterministic); perfect graphs; network flows, disjoint path problems and VLSI design; matching theory; and related minimax theory from combinatorics.
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