DIMACS 1998-2000 Special Year on

Large Scale Discrete Optimization

Call for Participation

This special year is motivated by developments in the past ten years. There have been three simultaneous advances: at the algorithmic level, with new and interesting algorithms for solving large scale discrete problems both exactly and approximately; at the implementation level, providing codes and systems for solving such problems; and at the practical level, with interests in the fast solution of real world problems. Examples of such applications include airline crew scheduling, chemical process design, and telecommunication network design. Our goal in this year is to unite these groups. The confluence of exciting recent work on approximation and other algorithms and greatly improved software/hardware for optimization makes large scale discrete optimization a practical, useful approach to solving problems of practical interest.

The special year organizers hope to provide forums to increase research contacts between groups that do not frequently come in contact - for example practitioners and academics, operations research and computer science researchers, theoretically oriented researchers (in areas such as interior point IP methods, combinatorial geometry approaches, approximation methods, and group formulations) and computationally oriented researchers, including those interested in AI techniques such as constraint programming.

Opportunities to participate:

Workshop Planning:

We are still in the early stages of planning for workshops, but topics for workshops (4-5 days) and miniworkshops (1-2 days) include: In addition, there will be at least one Computational Challenge, addressing one or more problems in large scale discrete optimization.

Those with suggestions for workshops or who are interested in aiding the organization of workshops should contact the organizing committee.

Organizers for the special year are:

Endre Boros, (Rutgers University/DIMACS) (local chair)
William Pulleyblank, IBM
Michael Trick, Carnegie Mellon University (general chair)
Bob Vanderbei, Princeton University/DIMACS
Vijay Vazirani, Georgia Institute of Technology

Researchers interested in early discussions about visiting are encouraged to contact the organizing committee by email to dimacs98@mat.gsia.cmu.edu. Information about workshops, etc. will be made available on DIMACS' WWW site and in many newsletters and electronic sites.


The Special Year program is made possible by long term funding from the National Science Foundation, the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology and DIMACS' university and industry partners.

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