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New Jersey and New York
Working Group on Streaming Data analysis
Sponsored by the Special Focus on Data Analysis and Mining


Many critical applications require inmediate(within seconds) decision making based on current information from a stream of data: e.g. intrusion detection and fault monitoring. Data must be analyzed as it arrives, not off line after being stored in a central data base. Processing and integrating the massive amounts of data generated by a number of continously operating, heterogeneous sources poses many practical and theoretical challenges. At some point data sets become so large as to preclude most computations that require more than one scan of the data as they stream by. Analysis of data streams also engenders new problems in data visualization, and in the design of automatic response systems. These issues were addressed by the researchers in this working group. For abstracts of the corresponding talks click First Meeting and Second Meeting.

If you have questions, desire more information, or have a suggestion please contact the program committee Adam Buchsbaum, Rajeev Motwani.

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