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World Wide Web Sites

 Teachers with access to the Internet can now find a variety of resources through the World Wide Web. There is no way to keep up with the constant growth and change on the Web, but we have identified several well-established Web sites that are useful for teachers or students of discrete mathematics, which we expect to continue and grow. The Web addresses (URLs) that we give are current as of July, 1996, but are subject to change.

Special thanks are due to Judy Ann Brown LP `92, a mathematics teacher at Pleasant Valley Middle school in Pennsylvania, who has used the Web extensively in her teaching over the last few years, and who provided us with much of the information in this section. She has been a lead teacher in the Leadership Program in Discrete Mathematics, as well as an adjunct professor at Allentown College, teaching a discrete mathematics course for educators. Judy's home page, which has links to many of the resources mentioned here, is at; it also has links to other resources that she uses.