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Discrete Mathematics Textbooks


When teachers name the texts they like best for teaching discrete mathematics, there are four titles that are mentioned over and over.[*] In roughly descending order of popularity, the texts are as follows: Mathematics, a Human Endeavor; For All Practical Purposes; Excursions in Modern Mathematics; and Discrete Mathematics through Applications. These have been used not only as texts for discrete mathematics courses, but as supplementary reading for teachers who are introducing discrete topics in traditional courses. In the remainder of this section we give further details on content, describe how teachers have used the books, and give teachers' comments.

There are also several mathematics curriculum development projects at the high school level which contain many discrete topics. One is the NSF-funded Core-Plus Mathematics Project, which is discussed in [15]; these materials are being published under the title Contemporary Mathematics in Context by Everyday Learning Corporation. Another is the NSF-funded ARISE project, being developed by the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP); these materials are being published under the title Mathematics: Modeling Our World by South-Western Educational Publishing Company.