US-Africa Advanced Study Institute on Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases in Africa

June 11 - 22, 2007
AIMS, Cape Town, South Africa

Brenda Latka, (Program Chair), DIMACS,
Wayne Getz, UC Berkeley,
Abba Gumel, University of Manitoba,
Fritz Hahne, AIMS,
John Hargrove, SACEMA,
Simon Levin, Princeton University,
Edward Lungu, University of Botswana,
Fred Roberts, DIMACS,
Alex Welte, Wits University,
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Focus on Computational and Mathematical Epidemiology.

This Advanced Study Institute is jointly organized with African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), and
South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA).

This Advanced Study Institute is jointly sponsored by:

Accommodations for Participants at AIMS:

There are 2 floors of accommodations. Each floor has two wings, and 2 sets of communal bathrooms. There are 15 rooms each with 2 beds, and 30 single bedrooms. There are also 9 ensuite bathrooms. AIMS provides bed linens and 1 towel each. No Soap is provided

There is a dining area with cable TV, a lounge and a small gymnasium.

There are public telephones at AIMS and phone cards are available from Igsaan at AIMS.

There are free laundry facilities at AIMS, including washing powder.

There is also free internet access.

Igsaan will provide everyone with an information sheet including this information when they arrive.

NOTE: South African tap water is fine and there is absolutely no need to worry about it. Bottled water is however sold in pretty much all shops and cafes in case you don't want to drink it.

Christine Spassione ( is making accommodations for ASI participants from the US.

Those staying in the AIMS dorm are welcome to start arriving at AIMS from 2:00 pm on June 9, 2007. No one may arrive before this as their students are only leaving on the morning of June 9, 2007. Meals will be arranged as from the evening of the 9th for those who are there.

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