Advanced Study Institute, June 11-June 22, 2007 and workshop June 25-27, 2007

Application Deadline Extended: All materials must be received by February 12, 2007.

This application is for graduate students enrolled at U.S. INSTITUTIONS ONLY!!
(Applicants do not need to be U.S. citizens, but they MUST be enrolled at a U.S. college or university)
Participants from Africa should submit their applications to SACEMA:

Four parts to the application:
1. the electronic application form
2. a statement of interest and commitment from you (uploaded through the website, .pdf and .doc files only)
3. a letter of recommendation (uploaded through the website, .pdf and .doc files only).
4. a letter from your mentor specifically commiting to work with you upon your return from the Institute (uploaded through the website, .pdf and .doc files only).

1. Graduate Student Applicant: On-line Application

This electronic application will collect information about your background, who is writing your recommendation letter, who will mentor your research back at your home institution, and basic information on how to contact you.

2. Graduate Student Applicant: Submit Statement of Interest and Commitment (.pdf or .doc files only)

Here is your opportunity to explain why you should be chosen to participate in the Advanced Study Institute. You can explain your background, interests, motivations, and plans for the future. You also should elaborate on your commitment to continue with a research project in your home institution.

3. Faculty Recommender: Submit Letter of Support (.pdf or .doc files only)

Please explain why you believe the applicant has the background and ability to participate in this institute.

4. Faculty Mentor: Submit Letter of Support (.pdf or .doc files only)

We expect students who participate in the Advanced Study Institute to continue doing research when they return to their home institution. Please acknowledge that you are willing to mentor the student in this research, whether it is a continuation of research begun during the institute or a new project.

Note: If the recommender and mentor are the same person they may submit a combined recommendation/mentor letter. Please upload the letter under the Faculty Mentor letter of support heading.

Committee members only

The above link is for the members of the committee reviewing applications to the institute.

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