DIMACS Workshop Architecture and Algorithmic Aspects of Communication Networks: Program

Sunday, January 26, 1997

 8:30 -  9:00  Breakfast

 9:00          Debasis Mitra, Lucent                                        
               Some Recent Results in Network Design and Control

 9:30          S. Keshav, Cornell University                                
               Open issues in traffic management

10:00          Mike Hluchyj, Summa Four, Inc.                              
               Traffic Management and QOS Guarantees in Integrated 
               Communication Networks

10:30 - 11:00  Coffee Break      

11:00          Aurel Lazar, Columbia
               Resource Allocation and Networking Games

11:30          Albert Greenberg, AT&T

12:00 -  1:30  Lunch

 1:30          Eli Upfal, IBM                   
               Dynamic Analysis of Communication Protocols

 2:00          Serge Plotkin, Stanford
               Achieving near optimum performance for routing in a 
               probabilistic model

 2:30          Milena Mihail, Bellcore
               Covering Problems with Time Parameters:
               Telecommunications Architecture Evolution

 3:00 -  3:30  Coffee Break      

 3:30          Dave Goodman, Rutgers
               Network Control in Wireless Communications

 4:00          Mark Karol, Lucent
               Wireless ATM Network Issues

 4:30          Ori Gerstel, IBM
               Algorithmic aspects of optical wavelength routing networks

 5:00	       Reception

Monday, January 27, 1997

 8:30 -  9:00  Breakfast

 9:00          Larry Roberts, Connectware Inc.                
               Explicit Rate Flow Control and its Improvement 
               Compared to TCP

 9:30          Raphi Rom, Sun Microsystems
               Reliable Multicast Support in ATM Networks

10:00          Moshe Sidi, Technion                  
               ATM LANs (Analytic Tools and Modeling in Lattices And 

10:30 - 11:00  Coffee Break      

11:00 - 12:00  Panel  discussion: 
               Role of Theory in Research on Communication Networks
	       moderator: Isreal Cidon, Technion and Sun Microsystems
               panelists: Mike Hluchyj, Summa Four, Inc. 
                          S. Keshav, Cornell University              
                          Debasis Mitra, Lucent     
                          Serge Plotkin, Stanford University
                          Larry Roberts, Connectware Inc. an ATM Company 

12:00 -  1:30  Lunch Break       

 1:30          Christophe Diot, INRIA            
               Distributed Games on the Internet

 2:00          Henning Schulzrinne, Columbia University
               Scaling Issues for the Integrated Services Internet

 2:30          Isreal Cidon, Technion and Sun Microsystems
               Algorithmic issues in ATM network control

 3:00 -  3:30  Coffee Break      

 3:30          Tom Leighton, MIT
               Analyzing contention-resolution protocols for dynamic 
               routing problems

 4:00          Eva Tardos, Cornell University
               Allocating Bandwith for Bursty Sources

 4:30          Baruch Awerbuch, John Hopkins University
               Multicast routing and Admission control

Tuesday, January 28, 1997

 8:30 -  9:00  Breakfast

 9:00          Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University and IBM
               Adversarial Queueing Theory

 9:30          Yuval Rabani, Technion
               Universal Local Control Packet Switching Algorithms

10:00          Yuval Shavitt, Johns Hopkins University
               Multipath Routing

10:30 - 11:00  Coffee Break

11:00          Jorg Liebeherr, University of Virginia
               Networks with Deterministic Quality-of-Service Guarantees

11:30          Bulent Yener, New Jersey Inst. of Technology
               Reliable Concurrent Multicast from Bursty Sources

12:00 -  1:30  Lunch Break       

 1:30          Ariel Orda, Technion
               Noncooperative Networks: Analysis, Design and Management

 2:00          Abhijit  K. Choudhury, Lucent
               Dynamic Queue-Length Thresholds for Shared Memory 
	       ATM Switches

 2:30          Ramesh Sitaraman, University of Massachussetts
               Evaluating the performance of networks that drop packets

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