Astrophysics and Algorithms: A DIMACS Workshop on Massive Astronomical Data Sets

May 6-8, 1998
Princeton University, CS Department

Presented under the auspices of the Special Year on Massive Data Sets.
Michael Vogeley, Princeton University Observatory
David Spergel, Princeton University Observatory
Don Sun, Bell Labs
Tony Tyson, Bell Labs
Astronomy faces a ``data avalanche'' as several observational projects have produced or promise to yield Terabyte-class data sets. Processing of these data and subsequent statistical analyses clearly will require advanced computational methods. This NSF-sponsored workshop will focus on analysis problems that have aspects in common with other fields and will seek to stimulate collaborations among workers who share common computational challenges. A principal goal of this workshop is to foster interaction between the Astronomy community and Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science communities. Data sets may include surveys in optical and infrared wavelengths, spectroscopic surveys, microwave background anisotropy surveys, helioseismology, pulsar searches, gravitational wave detection, radio interferometry, gravitational microlensing and supernova searches, and results from N-body/hydrodynamical simulations. Possible topics: Preliminary speakers list: Schedule:
The workshop will begin on the morning of Wednesday, May 6 and continue through the afternoon of Friday, May 8, and will include a reception and dinner at Prospect House. See PROGRAM for the schedule of talks. Registration:
A small number of spaces are still available for the workshop. You must register immediately using the on-line REGISTRATION, or by sending email to Ms. Sandy Barbu at, including your name, institutional affiliation, email address, and the dates you that you plan to attend. A $20.00 per day registration fee (waived for graduate students) will be collected at the workshop.
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