DIMACS Tutorial on Applied Cryptography and Network Security

August 4 - 7, 2003
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Rebecca Wright, Stevens Institute of Technology, rwright@cs.stevens-tech.edu
Primary Lecturer:
Amir Herzberg, Bar-Ilan University

Additional Lecturers:
Markus Jakobsson, RSA Laboratories
Angelos Keromytis, Columbia University
Hugo Krawczyk, Technion and IBM Research
Rebecca Wright, Stevens Institute of Technology
Graduate Student Assistant:
Nelly Fazio, NYU
Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Communication Security and Information Privacy.

This tutorial is a crash course on cryptography and its applications to secure networking and electronic commerce. It is designed to provide background knowledge to researchers and graduate students who wish to participate in the Special Focus on Communication Security and Information Privacy, or just to get an introduction to some of the fundamental issues in this field. The tutorial will consist of lectures and hands-on activities. Topics included are not intended to cover all aspects of the special focus, but will concentrate instead on several main themes. These include:

  • cryptographic primitives and protocols: symmetric key cryptography, public key cryptography, authentication, and key exchange protocols

  • key management and access control: public key infrastructures and trust management

  • network security: snooping, spoofing, distributed denial of service attacks, SSL, SSH, IPsec.

  • electronic commerce: electronic payments protocols, auctions

    In each area, we will introduce the most important and relevant topics. Lectures will include basic mathematics, tools, and techniques, information about the current state of the art, and suggestions for further reading for more advanced topics.

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