Workshop on Controllers for Manufacturing and Automation: Specification, Synthesis, and Verification Issues

May 13, 1996 - May 15, 1996
Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Mohsen A. Jafari, Rutgers University,
Bud Mishra, NYU,
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Year on Logic and Algorithms.

This workshop focuses on the specification, synthesis, and verification of supervisory control of manufacturing and automation systems. Thus, it is intended to be a forum for discussion of the current state of the theory and practice as well as the future research directions surrounding the above issues. Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of the subject, the workshop includes talks from various disciplines and research communities (e.g., control theory, computer science, manufacturing, robotics, transportation and communication), where these issues have featured prominently. In addition to regular talks, we also plan to organize panel discussions, expository survey talks, and software demonstrations.

Regardless of the formal or informal methodology used for its specification and synthesis, the supervisory control of any manufacturing or automation system is eventually a computer software requiring a real (or almost real) time response for many of its functions. Thus, in principle, many of the issues to be discussed in the workshop are also applicable to more general software systems, including real time process control.

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