Workshop on Controllers for Manufacturing and Automation: Specification, Synthesis, and Verification Issues

Monday, May 13, 1996 

07:45-08:15  Registration and Breakfast 

08:20-08:30  Welcome - DIMACS Director Dr. Fred Roberts 
	     and Workshop Organizers

08:30-09:15  Edmund Clarke, Departement of Computer Science
             Carnegie Mellon University
	     Symbolic Timing Analysis for Verifying 
	     Controller Correctness
09:15-10:00  Arthur Falk, Vice-President Regulatory Compliance 
	     and Quality Audit 
             Warner Lambert
	     Management of Computer Systems in the Pharmaceutical 

10:00-10:30  Coffee Break - Sofware Demonstration

Session M.1 -- Computerized System Design and Validation - 
                  Practical Issues
                  Session Chair: Armen Gabrielian

10:30-11:00  James Doyle
	     Managing Director of Global Pharmaceutical Services
	     Computer Sciences Corporation
	     Title TBA

11:00-11:30  Phillip Piasecki, Manager Quality Assessment
             Warner Lambert
             Computer Validation Auditing:  An FDA and 
             Industry Perspective

11:30-01:00  Lunch - Software Demonstration

01:00-01:45  Peter Ramadge, Department of Electrical Engineering 
             Princeton University
	     Analysis of Hybrid System Models

01:45-02:30  Pravin Varaiya, Director, 
             California PATH and Dept. of EECS
             University of California at Berkeley
	     California PATH System Research on Automated 
	     Highway Systems

02:30-03:00  Coffee Break - Sofware Demonstration

Monday, May 13,1996

Session M.2 -- Control System Requirements Analysis: 
	         Theory and Practice
		 Session Chair: Marco Antoniotti

03:00-03:30  Anthony Barrett, Research Scientist
	     Rockwell Automation Advanced Technology Milwaukee Labs
	     Some Practical Requirements for an Automated 
	     Manufacturing System

03:30-04:00  Marco Antoniotti, 
	     International Computer Science Institute
             Berkeley, CA and
	     Bud Mishra, Computer Science Department and 
	     Courant Institute, New York University
	     Requirements for a Viable Verification and 
	     Synthesis Tool

04:00-04:30  Armen Gabrielian, President
             UniView Systems
             TimeScope:  A Set of Tools for Specification and 
             Analysis of Real-Time Systems

04:30-05:00  Coffee Break

05:00-06:00  Panel Discussion: 
	     Theoretical and Practical Issues on Control
             System Specification, Design, and Verification
             Moderators:  Pardeep Khosla (ARPA)
             Panelists: TBA

06:00-07:30  Cocktail Party - Dinner

Tuesday, May 14, 1996

07:30-08:00  Breakfast 

Session T.1 -- Control System Design and Verification: 
	          Theory and Practice 
                  Session Chair: John Ostroff

08:00-08:30  Jonathan Ostroff, Department of Computer Science
             York University, Ontario
	     The Use of Theorem Provers and Model Checkers 
             in the Design of Discrete Systems

08:30-09:00  Egon Boerger, Corporate R&D
	     Siemens AG
	     The Evolving Algebra Approach to Modular Development 
	     of Well-Documented Software for Complex Computer Systems.  
             A Case Study:  The Production Cell Control Program

09:00-09:30  Thomas Henzinger, Department of EECS
             University of California at Berkeley
	     Hytech in Control Applications 

09:30-10:00  Gary Powers, Scott Probst, and Adam Turk
             Department of Chemical Engineering
             Carnegie Mellon University
	     Verification of Industrial Chemical Process 
             Control and Maintenance Systems

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break - Software Demonstration

Session T.2 -- Computerized System Validation: Industry 
                  and Government Perspectives
                  Session Chair: Fred Razzaghi

10:15-10:45  George Grigonis, Sr. Systems Associate, 
	     Systems Quality Assurance 
	     Corporate Computer Resources, 
	     Merck & Co., Inc.
	     Development, Deployment, and Servicing Computer 
	     Technology for Use in Regulated Pharmaceutical 
	     Operations - FDA Expectations

10:45-11:15  Colman C. O'Murchu, 
             Corporate Engineering Project Manager
	     SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
             Title TBA

11:15-11:45  Fred Razzaghi, Corporate Compliance
             Carter-Wallace, Inc.
	     Title TBA

11:45-12:15  Edward Subak, 
	     Manager Information Management Group
             Pfizer, Inc.
	     Title TBA

12:15-01:30  Lunch - Sofware Demonstration

Tuesday, May 14,1996

Session T.3 -- Supervisory Control Synthesis and 
                  Verification: Automata Theory Approach I
                  Session Chair: John Thistle

01:30-02:00  John Thistle, 
             Dept. de Genie Electrique et de Genie Informatique, 
             Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada
	     Control Synthesis from Omega-Automaton Specifications

02:00-02:30  Wolfgang Thomas, Institut f"ur Informatik und 
	     Praktische Mathematik
             Universit" at Kiel, Germany
	     A Review of the Automata Theoretic Approach to 
	     Controller Synthesis

02:30-03:00  Oded Maler, CNRS-VERIMAG
             Miniparc ZIRST, France
	     Control Synthesis for Timed Automata

03:00-03:15  Coffee Break

Session T.4 -- Supervisory Control Synthesis: Petri Net 
                  and Discrete Event System Theoretic Approach
                  Session Chair: Gulgun Alpan

03:15-03:45  Gulgun Alpan and M. A. Jafari, 
	     Department of Industrial Engineering
             Rutgers University
	     Reduction and Synthesis for Supervisory Controllers

03:45-04:15  Robin G. Qiu & Sanjay Joshi, 
	     Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
             Penn State University
	     A Structured Adaptive Supervisory Control 
	     Methodology for Modeling Control of Discrete 
	     Event Manufacturing Systems
04:15-04:45  Larry Holloway, 
	     Center for Manufacturing Systems and 
	     Department of EE 
             University of Kentucky
	     Control Synthesis for Low-level manufacturing 
	     Systems Modeled by Composed Petri Nets

04:45-05:15  MengChu Zhou, 
	     DES Lab. and Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
             New Jersey Institute of Technology
             Edward Twiss, Infinity Control Systems, Inc.
	     Top-down Modular Design and Verification of 
	     Industrial Automated Systems Using Petri Nets

Wednesday, May 15, 1996

07:30-08:00  Breakfast 

Session W.1 -- Supervisory Control Synthesis and Verification: 
                  Automata Theory Approach II
                  Session Chair: John Thistle

08:00-08:30  Francesco Tisato, 
             Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Informazione
             Universita' degli Studi di Milano
	     Agents + Plans + Time = Controllers/HyperReal Approach

08:30-09:00  Anuj Puri, Department of EECS
             University of California at Berkeley
             Shapley's Game and Church's Problem
09:00-09:30  Moshe Vardi, 
             Department of Computer Science
             Rice University
             Infinite Games Against Nature

09:30-10:00  Andre Arnold, Laboratoire d'Informatique
             Universite Bordeaux I, France
	     A Selection Property for the Boolean Mu-Calculus 
	     and Some of its Applications

10:00-10:15  Coffee Break - Software Demonstration

Session W.2 -- Automated Transportation Systems
                  Session Chair: Marco Antoniotti

10:15-10:45  Nicola Muscettola
             NASA Ames Research Center
	     Autonomous Spacecraft Operations

10:45-11:15  Akash R. Deshpande, 
             California PATH and Department of EECS
             University of California at Berkeley
	     Automated Highway System Tool Interface Format

11:15-11:45  Joe Pirrozi, Soros Associates
             Lenny Sugin, Consulting Engineer
	     Mayur Amin, Sea-Land Service, Inc., Charlotte, NC
             Tayfur Altiok, Department of Industrial Engineering, 
             Rutgers University
             Analysis of the Rail Delivery System in an 
             Bauxite Mining Operation

11:45-01:00  Lunch - Sofware Demonstration

Wednesday, May 15, 1996

Session W.3 -- Tutorials

01:00-01:55  Orna Kupfermann, Bell Laboratories
	     Church's Problem and Its Connection to Synthesis;
	     Tree Automata and the Solution they Suggest to Church's

01:55-02:50  E. Allen Emerson, 
             University of Texas at Austin
	     Emerson and Jutla's Solution to the Emptiness Problem
	     Emerson and Clarke's Synchronization Skeletons for
             Concurrent Programs

02:50-03:10  Coffee Break

03:10-04:05  Roni Rosner, Intel
	     Synthesis of Reactive Modules

04:05-05:00  John Thistle, 
             Dept. de Genie Electrique et de Genie Informatique
             Ecole Polytechique de Montreal
	     Control Synthesis from Omega-Automaton Specifications

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