DIMATIA-DIMACS Conference, "The Future of Discrete Mathematics"

May 19-24, 1997
Stirin Castle, Czech Republic

Conference Steering Committee:
J. Nesetril, (DIMATIA)
J. Kratochvil, (DIMATIA)
F.S. Roberts, (DIMACS)
R.L. Graham, (DIMACS)
``The Future of Discrete Mathematics''
Stirin Castle, Czech Republic
May 19-24, 1997
Dear Colleague,

As you may know, Charles University, the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Chemical Technology have founded the Center for Discrete Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science and Applications (DIMATIA). The center is open to cooperation and actively seeks partners from all parts of the world. The activity of the center will be inaugurated by an international conference on "The Future of Discrete Mathematics" organized by DIMATIA jointly with DIMACS (The Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, a partnership of Rutgers, Princeton, AT&T Labs, Bell Labs, and Bellcore in the USA). The conference will be partially supported by our agreements with DIMATIA associated members both from the Czech Republic and from abroad. This joint DIMATIA-DIMACS conference will be dedicated to the memory of Paul Erd"os as the founder of many of the theories of discrete mathematics as we know them today. The conference will address recent trends in Discrete Mathematics which have the potential for future development of the subject, as well as for its applications.

We would be very happy if you could attend what we believe will be an important meeting.

The conference will be held at Stirin castle in the Prague area in May 19-24, 1997. Stirin is a small, high-barock castle which has recently been renovated as a conference center and a stylish hotel. The castle is situated in a beautiful park which includes a golf course and tennis courts. The common facilities include 2 conference rooms, 2 smaller banquet rooms and a chapel (used for concerts). These facilities as well as the restaurant are suitable for up to 70 people, which makes this site ideal for our purpose.

The conference fee is \$ 150 and we have negotiated with the Stirin castle management a discounted cost for lodging and board of \$ 400 (rates based on double occupancy). There is also a possibility of a cheaper accommodation in a nearby village Velke Popovice (one has to commute cca 10 minutes by bus) for \$ 200 (including the meals in Stirin castle).

We hope that the conference will lead to a substantial scientific output. The program will consist mostly of invited and contributed talks. We will try to leave enough time for informal discussions.

Please let us know as soon as possible, but latest by the end of February, whether you plan to take part in this conference. You may want to fill in the enclosed form and reply to DIMATIA@kam.ms.mff.cuni.cz.

With warmest regards,

J. Nesetril, J. Kratochvil (DIMATIA)
F.S. Roberts, R.L. Graham (DIMACS)
conference steering committee

"The Future of Discrete Mathematics"
Stirin Castle, Czech Republic
May 19-24, 1997

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