DIMACS Workshop on Combinatorial Methods for DNA Mapping and Sequencing

October 6, 1994 thru October 9, 1994
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Pavel Pevzner (CS Dept., Penn State) [pevzner@cse.pesu.edu]
Charles Cantor (Center for Advanced Biotechnology, Boston U.)

Program Committee:
Pat Gillevet (National Center for Human Genome Research)
Richard Karp (CS, U.C. Berkeley)
Maynard Olson (Molecular Biotechnology, Washington)
Gene Myers (CS, Arizona)
Mihalis Yannakakis (AT&T Bell Labs)
Presented under the auspices of the Special Year in Mathematical Support for Molecular Biology.

Mapping the human genome would require localizing each of its genes and sequencing it would require determining the exact order of the nucleotides making up each gene. Even the intermediate goal of mapping the genome presents significant computational challenges. The workshop will be concerned with algorithmic problems arising from mapping and sequencing, for example problems involving fragment assembly, particularly in the presence of noisy data, and approximate string matching. We expect to have sessions on the double digest and partial digest problems, large-scale DNA sequencing by hybridization and the shortest superstring problem, new approaches to DNA mapping and sequences, computational support of large sequencing projects (databases, sequencing accuracy, automation), and open problems in DNA mapping and sequencing. The topics of the workshop were chosen to be closely tied to the issues being considered in our Algorithm Implementation Challenge. The workshop will be used to kick off the Challenge and we will devote considerable time in the workshop to implementation issues.

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Document last modified on November 1, 1994