DIMACS Workshop on Combinatorial Methods for DNA Mapping and Sequencing

October 6, 1994 thru October 9, 1994
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

Registration and Participant Support

The DIMACS Conference Center at Rutgers can accommodate about 150 participants. Subject to this capacity constraint, the workshop is open to all researchers.

To register, contact Lisa Pravato,

(908) 445-5930. If possible, please register by August, 1.

Partial List of Invited Speakers

C.Cantor (Boston U.),
P.Gillevet (NCHGR),
R. Drmanac (Argonne Nat. Lab.),
A. Frieze (Carnegie Mellon),
P.Green (U. of Washinghton),
L.Hood (U. of Washinghton),
S.Istrail (Sandia Nat. Lab.),
R.Karp (U. of California, Berkeley),
J.Kececioglu (U. of California, Davis),
R.Kosaraju (Johns Hopkins),
H.Lehrach (Imperial Cancer Research Fund),
M.Li (U. of Waterloo),
R.Lipshutz (Affymetrix),
T. Marr (Cold Spring Harbor),
E.Myers (U. of Arizona),
M.Olson (U. of Washinghton),
P.Pevzner (Penn State),
R.Shamir (Tel Aviv U.)
S.Skiena (SUNY Stony Brook),
M.Waterman (USC),
R.Wilson (Washington U. Saint Louis).

Participant Support

For questions regarding: Registration, Support, Local Transportation, Accommodations, or Driving directions, please contact workshop coordinator Lisa Pravato
Or phone at (908) 445-5930.

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