DIMACS Workshop on End-to-End Network Modeling and Simulations

October 23-24, 1997
Princeton University

Sandeep Bhatt, Bellcore, bhatt@bellcore.com
Ashok Erramilli, Qmetrix, ashok@qmetrix.com
Andy T. Ogielski, Rutgers, ato@winlab.rutgers.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Year on Networks.


Network traffic patterns reflect increasingly complex interactions among people, organizations, and machines. This global information flow is shaped by network capacity, topology, complex interactions among protocols, and network controls. The Internet and the large public, private and government networks reveal dynamic behaviors which differ radically from traditional telephony; furthermore, traffic patterns evolve rapidly in time as new distributed services are deployed, and new social groups of users are formed. Methods for traffic and performance management under such conditions are not well understood, and their development requires new comprehensive approaches to modeling and analysis of wireline and wireless networks.

This workshop will focus on current developments in modeling, simulation, and algorithmic techniques which take into account the observed and measured behavior of networks. In order to obtain a reasonably complete picture of the state of the art, and to stimulate further research, the organizers have invited practitioners of industrial and defense network modeling together with researchers involved in the analysis and simulations of networks and protocols. We are particularly interested in identifying areas requiring further research, and in creating an informal forum for practitioners, researchers, and students to hear each other and to exchange ideas. The primary topics covered in the workshop are:

Invited speakers (as of August 25) :


Contact the organizers to discuss possibilities to give presentations and regarding possibilities of financial support.


See DIMACS WWW site at http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/Workshops/EndToEnd/ for additional information about travel, lodging, and the program.
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