DIMACS Workshop on Computational Complexity, Entropy, and Statistical Physics

December 14, 2001
DIMACS Center, Rutgers Univiersity, Piscataway, NJ

Michael Fredman, Rutgers University, fredman@cs.rutgers.edu
Joel Lebowitz, Rutgers University, lebowitz@sakharov.rutgers.edu
János Komlós, Rutgers University, komlos@math.rutgers.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Mathematics and Foundations of Computer and Information Science
and the Special Focus on Computational Information Theory and Coding.

Workshop Program:

8:00-8:45      Breakfast and Registration

8:45-8:50      Welcome and Greeting from DIMACS
               Fred S. Roberts, DIMACS Director

8:50-9:00      Welcome and Greeting from workshop organizers:
               Michael Fredman, Rutgers University 
               Janos Komlos, Rutgers University
               Joel Lebowitz, Rutgers University
9:00-10:00     Statistical Mechanics
               Jennifer Chayes, Microsoft Research

10:00-10:15    Break

10:15-11:15    Discrete Mathematics
               Yuval Peres, University of California, Berkeley

11:15-11:30    Break

11:30-12:30    Computational Complexity
               David Zuckerman, University of Texas, Austin

12:30-2:00     Working lunch

2:00- 3:00     Dynamical Systems
               Yasha Sinai, Princeton University

3:00-3:15      Break
3:15-4:15      Biology 
               John Hopfield, Princeton University
4:15-          Workshop Summary

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