DIMACS Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Information Fusion (WAIF)

November 8 - 9, 2012
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University

D. Frank Hsu, Fordham University, hsu at cis.fordham.edu
Sebastien Konieczny, CRIL - University of Artois, France, konieczny at cril.fr
Fred Roberts, Rutgers University and DIMACS, froberts at dimacs.rutgers.edu
Alexis Tsoukias, University of Paris and LAMSADE(CNRS), tsoukias at lamsade.dauphine.fr
Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Algorithmic Decision Theory.

Call for Participation:

Talks are by invitation only.

Attendance at the workshop is open to all interested participants (subject to space limitations). Please register to attend this workshop.

Participants in the DIMACS Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Information Fusion (WAIF)
Kuanchi Chen Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan
D. Frank Hsu Fordham University, New York, USA
Paul Kantor Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA
Gyula KocsisUniversity of Kaposvar
Sebastien Konieczny CRIL-CNRS, Universite d'Artois, France
Bruce Kristal Harvard University, Boston, USA
Jerome Lang LAMSADE-CNRS, Universite Paris Dauphine, France
Christophe Labreuche Thales Research & Technology, France
Yanjun Li Fordham University, New York, USA
Pierre Marquis CRIL-CNRS, Universite d'Artois, France
Piotr Mirowski Bell Labs-Lucent Technologies, New Jersey, USA
Veronika Mor  
Stefano Moretti Universite Paris-Dauphine, LAMSADE
Ganapati Patil Penn State University, USA
Gabriella Pigozzi Universite Paris-Dauphine, LAMSADE
Fred Roberts Rutgers University and DIMACS
Christina Schweikert St. John's University
Matthew Sniatynski Brigham and Women's Hospital
Alexis Tsoukis University of Paris and LAMSADE(CNRS)
Peter Willett University of Sheffield, Great Britain
Xin YaoUniversity of Birmingham

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