DIMACS Working Group on Genetics and Evolution of Pathogens

November 24 - 25, 2003
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University


Zhilan Feng, Purdue University, zfeng@math.purdue.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Computational and Mathematical Epidemiology.

Sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and the National Science Foundation.

Participants in the working group on
on Genetics and Evolution of Pathogens
Viggo Andreasen Roskilde University, Denmark
Marciej Boni Stanford University
Keith Cooper Rutgers University
Ulf Dieckmann The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria
Jonathan Dushoff Princeton University
Elamin Elbasha Merck Research Laboratories
Zhilan Feng Purdue University
Alison Galvani UC Berkeley
Jonathan Guberman Princeton University
Robert Holt University of Florida
Steven Kleinstein Princeton University
Simon Levin Princeton University
Ya Li Purdue University
Robert McCormack Texas Tech
Joshua Plotkin Harvard University
Erik Rauch MIT
Roland Regoes Emory University
Fred Roberts Rutgers University
Dave Smith Fogarty International Center, NIH
Shannon Takala University of Maryland
Horst Thieme Arizona State University
Xiaohong Wang Purdue University
Lori Wendland University of Florida
Paul Williams University of Toronto
Pei Zhang Purdue University

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