DIMACS Workshop on Graph Theoretic Methods in Computer Vision

May 20 - 21, 1999
CoRE Building Auditorium, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Principal Organizers:

In recent years, graph theoretic techniques have become increasingly popular in computer vision. The goal of the workshop is to bring together two groups of researchers: those in computer vision working with graphs and those graph theoreticians working in graph algorithms.

The format of the two-day workshop will be a series of invited talks by researchers who are employing graph algorithms to solve problems in computer vision. Researchers from the graph algorithms community will be invited to provide feedback and report on new results. It is our hope that during the course of the workshop, the vision researchers can offer to the graph algorithms researchers a novel set of problem formulations. In return, the graph algorithms researchers can provide important guidance in solving these problems. We believe that the time is ideal for such an exchange, and DIMACS offers the ideal environment (and community) in which to hold such an event.

List of Speakers:

Yali Amit, University of Chicago
Kim Boyer, Ohio State University
Pedro Felzenswalb, Cornell University
Davi Geiger, NYU
Edwin Hancock, University of York
Dan Huttenlocher, Cornell University
Philip Klein, Brown University
Carly Klivans, Cornell University
Anand Rangarajan, Yale University
Satish Rao, NECI and University of California, Berkeley
Jianbo Shi, University of California, Berkeley
Ali Shokoufandeh, Rutgers University
Kaleem Siddiqi, McGill University
Ramin Zabih, Cornell University

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