Trust Management in ERLink


Samuel I. Schaen
Affiliation: Mitre
Abstract: Mitre supports the National Communications System (NCS) on a project called Emergency Response Link (ERLink). In emergency response and disaster relief situations, the NCS is primarily responsible for ensuring reliable communications. NCS is fielding a pilot to demonstrate the usefulness of web technology and data communications during emergencies and preparation for emergencies.

The project intends to use the public key and secure sockets layer technologies to help provide confidentiality, authentication, and access control. The potential is for use by all levels of government >from the Federal government down to state and local disaster relief organizations, including local police, fire and rescue organizations. Thus there is potential to eventually have as many as 3 million users and a need for a modicum of security on a shoestring budget.

This talk will describe the trust management challenges presented by the ERLink requirements.

For more information, contact: schaen@mitre.org