State of New Jersey Symposium on Homeland Security Research

October 29, 2003
Busch Campus Center, Rutgers University

Fred Roberts, Chair, RUHSRI and Director, DIMACS,
Program Committee:
Margaret Brennan, Chair, Cook College
Nabil Adam, CIMIC
Stanley Dunn, SOE
Richard Mammone, CAIP
Robert Snyder, EOHSI
Presented by Rutgers University Homeland Security Research Initiative (RUHSRI).

Poster and Demo Procedures:

Do you want to have a poster?

Do you want to have a demo?

Please complete the following information and e-mail it to Christine Spassione at


Contact information:

Please include a brief title and abstract of your poster or demo.

Tell us what equipment you will need:

   Easel (30" X 40" available): ___
   Laptop hookup: ___

   Other: ___

We will notify you if your poster or demo has been accepted.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Friday, October 24, 2003.

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