DIMACS Workshop on Nucleic Acid Selection and Computing

March 15-17, 1998
Princeton University

Laura Landweber, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton, lfl@princeton.edu
Richard Lipton, Dept. of Computer Science, Princeton, rjl@cs.princeton.edu
Robert Dorit, Dept. of Biology, Yale University
Andrew Ellington, Dept. of Chemistry, Indiana University
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Focus on DNA Computing.

Nucleic acid selection, or directed molecular evolution, allows the identification of molecules with unique functional properties from large pools of random sequences. This technology has pushed molecular biology towards DNA computing, which also uses combinatorial searches to find molecules that satisfy a unique set of filters. The goal of this workshop is to explore recent advances in test-tube evolution experiments that can be transported to DNA computing.

Invited speakers and topics:

        Andrew Ellington (Indiana University)      
                Natural and artificial RNA evolution

        Robert Dorit (Yale University)                 
                In vitro evolution of complexity

        Mike Yarus (University of Colorado)
                The hypothetical RNA world

        Pim Stemmer (Maxygen, Inc.)
                DNA and protein shuffling

        Barry Polisky (NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) 

        Dinshaw J. Patel (Memorial Sloan-Kettering)
                Comparative aptamer complexes

        Niles Lehman (SUNY Albany)
                Continuous ribozyme evolution

        Dipankar Sen (Simon Fraser University)
                DNA enzymes

        Peter Unrau (Whitehead Institute, MIT)
                Nucleotide forming ribozymes

        Michael Hecht (Princeton University)
                 Protein evolution and design

        Michael Famulok (Institut fur Biochemie, Munich)
                 In vitro selection

        Donald Burke (University of Colorado)
                 Chimeric SELEX

        Steve Benner (University of Florida)           
                Evolution of natural biopolymers

        Sydney Brenner (Molecular Sciences Institute)
                 to be announced

        Michael Heller (Nanogen, Inc.)
                 Hybridization to electronic arrays

We invite papers and poster presentations on any topic related to molecular selection and DNA computing. Please send a title and abstract to Sandy Barbu, barbu@cs.princeton.edu by February 1, 1998.

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