DIMACS Workshop on Unusual Applications of Number Theory

January 10 - 14, 2000
DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Organizing Committee:
Melvyn B. Nathanson, chair, Lehman College (CUNY) and IAS, nathansn@ias.edu
George Andrews, Pennsylvania State University, andrews@math.psu.edu,
David Chudnovsky, Polytechnic University of New York, david@gateway.imas.poly.edu
Ronald L. Graham, AT&T Labs and University of California at San Diego, rgraham@cs.ucsd.edu
Jeffrey C. Lagarias, AT&T Labs, jcl@research.att.com
Victor S. Miller, Institute for Defense Analyses, victor@idaccr.org
Andrew M. Odlyzko, AT&T Labs, amo@research.att.com
Carl Pomerance, Bell Labs, carlp@research.bell-labs.com

DIMACS is planning a Workshop on Unusual Applications of Number Theory that will take place January 10-14, 2000 on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus. The theme of the meeting is applications and interactions of number theory with other sciences and with other parts of mathematics. There will be sessions on crytography, computer science, physics, combinatorics, ergodic theory, spectral theory, geometry, numerical analysis, and other topics. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the meeting, we expect the lectures to be understandable by mathematicians not already expert in each field, and to include enough expository material to make this possible.
Speakers at the Workshop will include:
George Andrews, Penn State
Vitaly Bergelson, Ohio State University
David and Gregory Chudnovsky, Polytechnic University of New York
Jose Dias da Silva, University of Lisbon, Portugal
John Friedlander, University of Toronto
Dorian Goldfeld, Columbia University
Ronald L. Graham, AT&T Labs and the Univ. California - San Diego
Neil Hindman, Howard University
Renling Jin, College of Charleston
Jeffrey C. Lagarias, AT&T Labs
Alexander Leibman, Ohio State University
James Lepowsky, Rutgers University
Elon Lindenstrauss, Institute for Advanced Study
Victor Miller, IDA
John Milnor, SUNY - Stony Brook
Andrew Odlyzko, AT&T Labs
Carl Pomerance, Bell Labs - Lucent
Sinai Robins, Temple University
Jeffrey Shallit, University of Waterloo
Joseph Silverman, Brown University

Those interested in giving a talk at this workshop should send a title and abstract to Mel Nathanson (nathansn@ias.edu) no later than December 10.

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