DIMACS Workshop on Organizing and Moving Data in Parallel Computers

January 26-28, 1994
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Christos Kaklamanis, DIMACS, kakl@dimaes.rutgers.edu
Kai Li, Princeton University, E@princeton.edu
Greg Plaxton, U. Texas- Austin, plaxton@cs.utexas.edu
Abhiram Ranade, UC-Berkeley, ranade@cs.berkeley.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Year on Massively Parallel Computing.

Workshop Program:

Wednesday, January 26, 1994

8:00 Breakfast 8:55 Welcoming remarks from DIMACS 9:00 Kai Li, Princeton Virtual Memory Mapped Comunication 9:30 Frans Kaashoek, MIT Object-Based Shared Memory on Multicomputers 10:00 Phil Gibbons, ATT On Testing Cache-Coherent Shared Memories 10:30 Break 11:00 Steve Frank, KSR The Role of Dynamic Address Binding in Minimizing Data Movement between Physically Distributed Memories 11:30 Meyer auf der Heide, Paderborn Dictionaries and Shared Memory Simulations on Distributed Memory Machines 12:00 David Wood, Wisconsin Tempest: Supporting Both Compiler-Managed and Transparent Shared Memory 12:30 Lunch 2:00 Amos Fiat, Tel Aviv Competitive Analysis of Algorithms for Models of Distributed Memory 2:20 Baruch Awerbuch, MIT Distributed Data Structures and Data Migration in Distributed and Parallel Systems 2:50 Phil MacKenzie, Texas-Austin On Contention Resolution Protocols and Associated Probabilistic Phenomena 3:20 Anne Rogers, Princeton Supporting Dynamic Data Structures on Multicomputers 3:50 Break 4:20 Tim Harris, Edinburgh Efficient Shared Memory on High Diameter Networks 4:40 Tom Cormen, Dartmouth An Asymptotically Optimal Algorithm for Performing BMMC Permutations on Parallel Disk Systems 5:10 Ravi Jain, BellCore Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Parallel 1/0 Operations 5:30 Dannie Durand, BellCore Distributed Scheduling Algorithms to Improve the Performance of Parallel Data Transfers 6:00 Wine and Cheese Reception

Thursday, January 27, 1994

8:00 Breakfast 8:50 Kazuo Iwama, Kyushu Two-Dimensional Mesh-Bus Communication 9:10 Sangutheran Rajasekaran, U Penn Packet Routing on Meshes with Buses 9:40 Manfred Kunde, Munich Very Fast Multi-Packet Routing on Grid-Like Nets 10:10 Nabil. Kahale, DIMACS Greedy Routing on Arrays 10:30 Break 11:00 Larry Snyder, Washington Chaotic Routing: It's Smart AND Fast 11:30 Michael Kauffman, Max Planck Inst. Near-Optimal Permutation Routing on Meshes with Really Small Queues 12:00 Donald Chinn, Washington Lower Bounds for Minimal Adaptive Algorithms on the Mesh with Bounded Queue Size 12:30 Lunch 2:00 Danny Krizanc, Carleton Hot-Potato Routing on Processor Arrays 2:30 Smaragda Konstantinidou, IBM On the Communication Requirements of Parallel Scientific Applications and the Design of Networks to Support Them 3:00 Steve Heller, Thinking Machines Applying Theory to Practice: Data Motion on Connection Machines 3:30 Ashfaq Khokhar, Purdue On the Impact of Machine Parameters on the Performance of Coarse-Grained Communication Operations 3:50 Break 4:20 Fabrizio Luccio, Pisa PRAM Bounds Based on Data Movement 4:50 Ron Greenberg, Maryland General-Purpose Routing Algorithms 5:20 Jorg Keller, Saarlandes Fast Parallel Permutation Algorithms 5:40 Yuan Ma, MIT Fault-Tolerant Sorting Networks 6:00 Wine and Cheese Reception

Friday, January 28, 1994

8:00 Breakfast 9:00 Richard Lipton, Princeton New Error Coding Methods for Feasible Channels 9:30 Bob Cypher, IBM Algorithms and Lower Bounds for Deadlock-Free Packet Routing 10:00 Thanasis Tsantilas, Columbia Efficient Optical Communication in Parallel Computers 10:30 Break 11:00 Edward Felten, Princeton Optimizing Message-Passing Performance Using Compiler Techniques 11:30 Lennart Johnsson, Harvard & Thinking Machines TBA 12:00 Willy Zwaenepoel, Rice Shared Memory Computing on Workstation Clusters 12:30 Lunch 2:00 Bruce Maggs, CMU Routing on Butterfly Networks with Random Faults 2:30 Quentin Stout, Michigan Hypercube Permutations with Good Routing Properties 3:00 Torsten Suel, Texas-Austin Lower Bounds for Hypercubic Sorting Networks 3:30 Break 4:00 Sanjay Rajopadhye, IRISA LACS: A Language for Affine Communication Structures 4:20 Alf Wachsmann, Paderborn OCCAM-light - A Multiparadigm Programming Language for Transputer Networks 4:40 Clay Breshears, Tennessee Computational Experience with In-Place Parallel Algorithms 5:00 Ranjan K. Sen, IIT Kharagpur Efficient Routing on the Star Network for General Ascend/Descend Algorithms and Pipelining

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