DIMACS Publicity Procedures

Information needed:

Title: Dates of Event: Organizers: (name, institution, email) Primary Contact Person: Will proceedings be published? Call for Participation (if accepting submissions of talks/papers/posters) Publicity (5-6 paragraph description of workshop) Format of event (talks, panel, poster session. etc) Possible topics List of speakers ***************************************

Dissemination of Publicity

1. Web pages set up at the DIMACS site. (http://dimacs.rutgers.edu) Workshop Calendar: Monthly Calendar: Special Year Section: 2. Print Media: SIGACT News: deadlines Feb 1, May 1, Aug 1, Nov 1; (Lag: 6 weeks.) EATCS Bulletin: deadlines Jan 15 May 15 Sept 15; (Lag: 8-12 weeks) Notices of the AMS: monthly; suggest at least 6 months before event. ASL Newsletter: deadlines: Jan 15, Apr 15, Aug 15, Nov 15; (Lag: 4 weeks) Rutgers Focus: deadline two weeks before publication DIMACS Red-Border Flyer, 8 weeks (distributed for posting at Math & CS depts at: NYU, U Penn, CUNY, Columbia, Bellcore, IDA, Rutgers, Princeton 3. DIMACS Calendars distributed at workshops/conferences, etc: 4. EMAIL Lists: DIMACS maintained: dimacs-dimacs; massive-list; rutgers-list; local-list; dimacs-syla; LICS Newsletter: about monthly Finite Model Theory list: finite-model-theory@informatik.rwth-aachen.de Interest Group on Propositional Logics; IGPL CAV: cav95-all@montefiore.ulg.ac.be Theory-net; DMANET@math.utwente.nl; (can send any version) DM-Net maintained by SIAM: probably prefers versions 4 or 5. DB World: dbworld@cs.wisc.edu 5. Other: Newsgroups: comp.theory, sci.logic, news.announce.conferences, comp.databases.theory, comp.software-eng, comp.specification