DIMACS Workshop on Pervasive Networking

May 21, 2001
DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway

Badri Nath , Rutgers University, badri@cs.rutgers.edu
Deborah Estrin , University of California at Los Angeles, destrin@cs.ucla.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Focus on Next Generation Networks Technologies and Applications

Progress in technology will make it possible to network and monitor every physical object that surrounds us. This large scale sensor network will become a reality in the near future due to the availability of cheap, low-power sensors with wireless access. This ubiquitous network will result in computing environments in places such as automobiles, homes, roads, infrastructures, buildings. These pervasive computing environments will contain millions of components that are distributed throughout physical space allowing users to query the physical surroundings and get continuous information about the physical space at a level of detail that is not yet possible.

These future computing environments must be robust, deployable and maintainable. They must be self-configuring, self-monitoring and scalable. They must monitor performance, schedule resources, predict and recover and/or work around failures, and exhibit predictable behaviors, they must be long-lived and therefore low-power.

To realize the above vision, there are several research challenges in the area of low-cost networking, disposable networks, application level routing, information management and robust access protocols and design.

For this workshop, we solicit original papers that address research challenges and problems in this new paradigm of a networked physical world. Specifically, we seek contributions in the following areas:

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