DIMACS Workshop Computational and Physical Aspects of Protein Folding and Related Problems : Program

December 15 - 17, 1996
Hill Center, Room 114
Busch Campus, Rutgers University


 8:00 - 9:00     Coffee and Registration

 9:00 - 12:00    Short Talks, Session A

12:00 -  1:10    Lunch

 1:20 -  3:20  -  SESSION I

    M. Grinfeld, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, mgrinfeld@ets.org 
    I. M. Lifshitz' Results in Continuum Theory of Phase Transformations 
       in Solids

    I. Erukhimovich, Moscow State University, ierukhs@ierukh.phys.msu.su
    SOL-GEL Transition in Weak Gels as a Genuine Phase Transition 
       Due to Spontaneous Breaking of Monomers' Identity
    O. Penrose, Heriot-Watt University, oliver@cara.ma.hw.ac.uk
    Mathematics of the Lifshitz-Slyozov Theory of Coarsening  

    M. Marder, University of Texas, marder@stratus.ph.utexas.edu
    Statistical Mechanics of Cracks

    A.Bertozzi, Duke University, bertozzi@math.duke.edu
    Singularities in Long wave Unstable Interface Equations

    L. Pastur, Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Ukraine, and
       Universite Paris 7, pastur@mathp7.jussieu.fr
    Localization of Surface Waves:  An Exactly Soluble Model

 3:20 -  3:50    Coffee

 3:50 -  5:50  -  SESSION II

    I. M. Khalatnikov, Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Russian
       Academy of Sciences, and Tel Aviv University, khalat@khalat.ls.ac.ru
    Chaos in Cosmology
    A. Abrikosov, Argonne National Laboratory, alex_abrikosov@qmgate.anl.gov
    Lifshitz Resonant Tunneling as the Mechanism of c-Axis Transport in
       High-Temperature Superconductors 

    L. Gorkov, Florida State University and L. D. Landau Institute for
       Theoretical Physics, Russia, gorkov@magnet.fsu.edu
    Lifshitz-Kosevich Oscillations in Superconductors at Fields well 
       Below Hc2
    A.A. Slutskin, Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering,
    `Frozen' Electron Phase and Electron Glass in Narrow-Band Conductors

    A. F. Andreev, P. L. Kapitza Institute, Moscow, andreev@kapitza.ras.ru  
    Bose-Condensation and Superconductivity in Mesoscopic Systems:  
       Spontaneous Violations of Homogeneity of Time, Spatial Rotations on 
       Angle 2\pi, etc.

    L. Pitaevskii, Technion, Israel, pitaevsk@ipno.in2p3.fr
    Hidden Symmetry of the Bose Condensate in a Harmonic Trap

 5:50 -  6:30  -  SESSION III

    H. Saleur, University of Southern California, saleur@diderot.usc.edu
    Exact Correlations and Transport Properties in Quantum Impurity Problems
 6:30 -  8:00   Cocktails and Dinner
 8:00 -    MEMORIAL SESSION TO I. M. LIFSHITZ, Y. Sinai, Chair
    A. Grosberg, MIT, shura@gels.mit.edu and M. Kaganov,
    The Life and Scientific Work of Ilya Lifshitz
    I. M. Khalatnikov
    Other speakers
    Mrs. Zoya Lifshitz

 8:00 -  9:00  Coffee and Registration

 9:00 - 12:20  SHORT TALKS, SESSION B

12:20 -  1:40  Lunch

 1:40- 3:20  -  SESSION IV

    R. Shankar, Yale University, shankar@genesis6.physics.yale.edu
    Renormalization Group for Fermions:  An Introduction 

    E. Brezin, ENS, brezin@peterpan.ens.fr
    Random Matrices:  From 2D Quantum Gravity to Disordered Systems
    J.L. Birman, CUNY, birman@scisun.sci.ccny.cuny.edu
    Random Matrix Theory of Impurity-Band Tails:  An Old Problem Revisited
    S. Nechaev, Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Russian Academy
       of Sciences, nechaev@landau.ac.ru
    Random Matrix Approach for Words Enumeration in the Braid Groups
    A. M. Dykhne, Russian Scientific Center Triniti, dykhne@fly.triniti.troitsk.ru 
    On the Electrodynamical Properties of Materials with Random 

 3:20 -  3:50  Coffee
 3:50 - 5:50  -  SESSION V
    A. A. Chernov, Universities Space Research Association,
    Growth Induced Imperfections in Protein Crystals
    A. Khokhlov, The University of Moscow, khokhlov@polly.phys.msu.su
    Statistical Mechanics of Ion-Containing Polymers 

    S. Obukhov, University of Florida, sergei@phys.ufl.edu
    Long Range Forces in a Polymer Melt:  Polymer-Magnet Analogy
    G. Zaslavsky, NYU, zaslav@math1.cims.nyu.edu
    Renormalization Approach to the Kinetic Description of Chaotic Dynamics
    Y. Sinai, Princeton University, sinai@math.princeton.edu
    On The Distribution of Maximum of Fractal Brownian Motion
    P. Anderson, Princeton University, esz@pupgg.princeton.edu
    Some Thoughts on the Evolution of Independent Entities
 5:50 - 7:45  Cocktails and Dinner

    C. Peskin, Courant, peskin@mcqueen.cims.nyu.edu
    Random Walks on Microtubules
    A. Libchaber, Rockefeller University, libchbr@rockvax.rockefeller.edu
    DNA and Recognition
    A. Parsegian, NIH, vap@cu.nih.gov
    Harnessing the Hubris:  a Wishlist of Useful Things Physicists Can 
       Do in Biology  

 8:00 -  9:00  Coffee and Registration
 9:00 - 10:40  -  SESSION VI
    C. Tang, NEC, tang@research.nj.nec.com
    Why Do Proteins Look Like Proteins?
    E. Shakhnovich, Harvard University, eugene@diamond.harvard.edu
    Statistical Mechanics of Protein Folding, Design and Evolution
    D. Thirumalai, University of Maryland, thirum@ipst.umd.edu
    Cellular Protein Folding:  How Nature Beats Topological Frustration
    M. Hecht, Princeton University, hecht@bigsgi.princeton.edu
    Combinatorial Methods for Protein Design:  Novel Proteins by the Dozen 

10:40 - 11:00 Coffee
11:00 - 12:15  -  SESSION VII

    K. Dill, University of California, San Fransisco, dill@maxwell.ucsf.edu
    Partition Functions of Biomolecules and Other Compact Polymers
    A. Grosberg, MIT, shura@gels.mit.edu
    Thermodynamics versus Kinetics in Protein Folding
    M. Frank-Kamenetskii, Boston University, mfk@enga.bu.edu
    Specificity and Affinity of Biomolecular Interactions 

12:15 -  1:25  Lunch
 1:25 -  3:30  -  SESSION VIII
    M. Kardar, MIT, kardar@cmt7.mit.edu
    Conformations of Charged Heteropolymers
    V. Pande, Berkeley University, vijay@hubbell.berkeley.edu
    Freezing Transition of Compact Polyampholytes 

    D. Torney, Los Alamos National Laboratory, dct@ipmati.lanl.gov
    Spectral Analysis of Biological Sequences 

    E. Siggia, Cornell University, siggia@msc.cornell.edu
    Physics from Jelly Fish 

    S. Fraden, Brandeis University, seth@smectic.elsie.brandeis.edu
    Modeling Cellular Guts with Colloidal Soups 

 3:30 -  3:50  Coffee
 3:50 - 4:40  -  SESSION IX
    M. Cieplak, Polish Academy of Sciences, ciepla@delta1.ifpan.edu.pl
    Cell Dynamics of Model Proteins 

    A. Stasiak, Lausanne, Andrzej.Stasiak@lau.unil.ch
    Ideal Geometric Forms of Knots and Equilibrium Trajectories of 
       Knotted Polymers 

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