MPE 2013+ Workshop on PK-12 Education for the Planet Earth of Tomorrow: STEM Educator Symposium

June 14 - 16, 2017
Colorado State University

Michelle Bigler, Colorado State University
John Howe, Colorado State University
Bob Richburg, Emeritus professor
Amy Schmer, Poudre School District
Andrea Weinberg, Colorado State University
Tracey Winey, Poudre School District
Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Program: Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013+. The PK-12 Education for the Planet Earth of Tomorrow: STEM Educator Symposium is a collaboration between Colorado State University, Poudre School District, Preston Middle School, and Rutgers University.
Workshop Announcement

The symposium is a three-day (June 14-16, 2017) STEM workshop for teachers and administrators from K-12 institutions, college and university professors of pre-service teachers, and community and business leaders who want to support high-quality STEM education in their communities with a focus on issues of sustainability and the engagement of mathematics and science teachers and faculty in the development of joint lessons. The aim is to enable participants to share practices and ideas, which bring mathematics into science classes and vice versa, which will result in a larger and more effective and especially diverse STEM workforce. It is held in parallel with the STEM Institutes, which hosts week-long STEM courses for over 750 elementary and middle school students.

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