DIMACS Workshop on Semidefinite Programming and its Applications to Large Scale Discrete Optimization

January 7 - 9, 1999
Princeton University, Department of Computer Science

Principal Organizers:
Yinyu Ye, The University of Iowa, yinyu-ye@uiowa.edu
Robert J. Vanderbei, Princeton University, rvdb@princeton.edu
Presented under the auspices of the Special Year on Large Scale Discrete Optimization.

Call for Participation:

The workshop will consist of 6 invited presentations by: Each of them gives a 50-minute lecture, survey, totorial, or demonstration. It also consists of about 30 invited talks (30 minutes each) on special issues. Graduate students are particularly encouraged to participate in the workshop.

We have received a very enthusiastic response to our initial invitation for the workshop. The 30-minute talk spots are almost full. However, if you would be interested in giving a talk at the workshop, please contact Dr. Yinyu Ye, yinyu-ye@uiowa.edu by September 30, and we will try to schedule it in several informal sessions. We plan to and should have plenty of time for informal interactions.

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