DIMACS Workshop on Network Switching

July 7-9, 1997
Computer Science Building, Princeton University

F.K. Hwang, Chiaotung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan Republic of China, fhwang@math.nctu.edu.tw
Ding-Zhu Du, University of Minnesota, dzd@cs.umn.edu

Advisory Committee:
C.T. Lea (EE, Georgia Institute of Technology)
G.M.Masson (CS, Hohn Hopkins University)
A.Y. Oruc (EE, University of Maryland)
P.M. Pardalos
N. Pippenger (CS, University of British Columbia)
C.S. Raghavendra (EECS, Washington State University)
J.S.Turner (CS, Washington University)
A.C. Yao
Distingushed Speaker: Nicholas Pippenger

Presented under the auspices of the DIMACS Special Year on Networks.


There are many worthwhile and interesting issues about switching networks. This workshop focuses on connectivity properties, such as nonblockingness and routing. By nonblockingness, we mean that an intended connection does not fail to go through due to a lack of network path. The workshop includes but not limited to the following topics (according to various criteria):

NONBLOCKINGNESS. strictly nonblocking, wide-sense nonblocking, rearrangeable.

NETWORK TOPOLOGY. multistage, rings, cubes, grids, star, general connectors, fault-tolerant networks.

COMPONENT. concentrator, superconcentrator, partial concentrator, expander, multiplier, copy network, n-generalizers, optical networks.

ROUTING. point-to-point, permutation, broadcast.

ENVIRONMENT. circuit-switching, packet switching, ATM switching.

OPTIMIZATION. hardware minimization, optimal network design.

A formal proceedings consists of referred papers will be published in DIMACS Series by AMS. A special issue of Network will publish selected papers presented in this workshop. The deadline of submission for including to the proceedings or the special issue of Networks is 7/30/97. The decision on accept/reject will be made before 10/30/97.

Additional information on travel and local accommodations will be provided at a later date. More information on the DIMACS special year on Networks can be obtained from the DIMACS web pages: http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/SpecialYears/1996_1997

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