DIMACS Workshop in Honor of Bob Tarjan's 60th Birthday

May 9 - 10, 2008
Princeton University Dept. of Computer Science

Adam L. Buchsbaum, AT & T Labs, alb at research.att.com
Valerie King, University of Victoria, val at uvic.ca
Daniel Sleator, Carnegie Mellon University, sleator at cs.cmu.edu

We are indebted to the following sponsors for vital financial support:

A map of the Princeton University campus is available here showing the CS building and parking lot 21 circled. Guests staying at the Hyatt should pre-arrange with the front desk for any needed shuttle services. Guests at the Nassau Inn are in walking distance.

If you are going to park, please use Lot 21, which is available for all guests to campus. A parking pass is attached here.

A campus shuttle runs twice an hour between Lot 21 and the Friend Center, or it's a walkable distance. Princeton University parking regulations are available at http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/aroundcampus/parking.

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